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Moncler Barbel Jacket

Moncler Barbel Jacket

Authentic or Fake When I bought it, I assumed it was authentic. The dealer that I bought the purse from had all antiques in her booth, so it didn t look suspicious to me. When I got home, I put the purse away, forgot about it, and never wore it. Well, now (about 10 yrs later) I want to sell the Chanel purse (maybe on Ebay), but don t know how to properly represent it because I m not sure that it s the real thing (authentic) or not. I looked on Ebay at some Chanel purses that were definitally authentic and quite similiar to mine in pattern and style, and it made me think that mine must be real. But I d hate to represent this piece wrong. My purse is in excellent condition with beautiful soft black leather. The stitching is lovely. I know the interlocking stitching of the C s on my purse are connecting and facing the right way and the tassel and strap are so similiar to the authentic one s I saw. Can someone help me determine if this is in fact an authentic Chanel purse? And if so, what would you estimate it to be worth? I d really really really appreciate any imput I can get on this piece. I ve included some photos below. Thanks so much in advance! Permalink Reply by yuriko cooper on December 8, 2009 at 1:59pm I don t know you have still this bag, but I m quite sorry. This bag looks like a copy forme. 1. This bag has to be made by sheep skin inside made by sheep skin also. 2. The material of zipper has to attached some CHANEL charme or has to be printed CHANEL. 3. Normaly there is no any curf tag in inside has Moncler Ski Women Jackets Hooded Zip Big Neck Sky Blue to be printed MADE IN FRANCE by gold which just beside the Zipper. 4. The strap chain looks like a authentic, but the adapted chaine to the tassel is looks cheep and normalu same chaine has to be used. Permalink Reply by tortoise cat on March 21, 2010 at 7:06pm It is fake. The Made in Paris and the sloppy leather above the tag says it all. Also the inside looks to have a faux leather lining and poor zipper insertion. A real Chanel bag is so perfectly done that you could wear it inside out. On the bottom you can see the glue residue. I would not list this on eBay or anywhere at any price, not even if you don t use the Chanel name. Most likely you would be reported and could be banned from selling on the site. As well if you sell a fake bag and the customer complains to PayPal, PP asks that they return the bag to them, they destroy the bag if fake and return the customer s money. Moncler Kids Dark Blue Clothing 2 Pieces Set With Fur Hat The bag above is in very good condition and 10 years ago would have been just a few years old. If authentic it would have been worth close to a $1000 even used. I doubt you paid that for a bag you put in the closet and forgot about. So you probably paid so little for it you didn t care about all that money in the closet all this time. Those selling these bags know they can get good prices for genuine bags. They won t be giving them away. As for taking a bag to a boutique, I keep hearing about that but my experience would keep me out of them forever. I have a very old LV bag I bought in Paris in the early 70s. A few years ago I broke the zipper pull off. One day dressed in non designer jeans and a tee shirt and carrying a cloth tote bag I went in the LV boutique and asked if it was still possible to get such an old bag repaired. LV has changed the style of their zipper pulls since mine was made. It wasn t the words spoken but the smirk on their faces when they said I d have to bring it in that made me feel like a wad of gum scraped off the sidewalk. Permalink Reply by Luv2LuvAntiques on March 22, 2010 at 12:18pm Hi! It s always horrid when someone treats you that way! For all they know you could have been very wealthy and been able to buy the store twice over, as appearances are so deceiving! And it doesn t mean someone is well to do if they are dressed in designer duds , as they could owe for every stitch of clothing on their back! LOL Apparently these sales people were very ignorant about people, and life, in general, and certainly about salesmanship! They should have been fired by the store owner, if the owner had any business sense! Having worked in sales years ago, I ve met some supposedly wealthy people that took forever to pay their Moncler Down Men Jackets Giotto Yellow Collar Hooded bills, and the everyday working woman that had money to spend. A smart salesperson knows this! On a vacation years ago, I just had to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, although my hubby felt so out of place with the crazy prices. I showed him a gorgeous designer hobo bag that I luved for over $4,000.00, and he ran away, afraid I d want to buy it! LOL

Moncler Barbel Jacket

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