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Moncler Bayonne Jackets Women Collar Button Style Black

Moncler Bayonne Jackets Women Collar Button Style Black

Three Potentially Awesome Reboots It safe to say that the reboot craze is officially out of control. (Actually, it was safe to say that in 2009, but I not much of a Moncler Womens Coats On Sale risk taker.) In the few months, Hollywood has moved toward rebooting such recent film franchises as Hulk and I can see why film studios are so anxious to make them: Witness the Internet firestorm caused by the teaser trailer to Legacy. In addition, the on Elm Street reboot has made $100 million worldwide since its April release, and the latest stab at 80s nostalgia, Karate Kid, comes out today. If you going to remake a classic, the least you can do is cast a cute moppet with a father who brought Hollywood some $2.5 billion in box office receipts. It pretty much a no brainer. If you been following these reboots, you probably already know that these announcements are usually followed by frantic protests from a legion of 80s babies. It easy to understand how the announcement of something like a live action movie would cause consternation in some folks of a certain age and that why I was so pleased to read about three reboots that may have potential. I actually squealed out loud when I first heard about plans to resurrect . Those last three words are key, as producers had initially planned a live action feature film. (Cue the 80s babies!) Instead, they plan to reboot the series on Nicktoons with a new name and a few new recruits for the Voltron Force. They also plan to remain faithful to the original cartoon. As long as the episodes deviate a least a little from the usual destroy Voltron/send the Robeast/lions fight Robeast/lions get smacked down/lions form Voltron/Voltron forms Blazing Sword/Voltron bisects Robeast/everyone goes home plot, I be happy. This announcement comes right on the heels of a planned reboot for the Cartoon Network. Not only that, this one centers around Thundercat leader Lion O origin story. Details are scarce, but I already can wait to see an anime version of Mumm Ra transformation. The third one was a bit of a surprise, as I gave up on the Kombat franchise years ago. However, Jonathan Strickland of TechStuff sent me a video the other day that made me reconsider. The gritty seven minute teaser contained everything I could ever possibly want in a Kombat movie dirty fights, incredible CGI, genuinely scary Men Moncler Jacket villains and nasty, nasty fatalities. Too bad it wasn an actual trailer: As it turns out, the video was a demo reel designed to drum up financing for a reboot. In other words: No reboot not yet, anyway. I haven changed my opinion on reboots in general, but it nice to know that someone out there Moncler Kid Clairy Down Sleeveless Vest Black wants to see them done right. I still can abide a movie, but I have hope that this trend has turned a corner. BrainStuff Thank You and Best Wishes to Marshall Brain Contest Design a $300 house and win $25,000 How the Philtrum works the place under your nose where your face comes together The Coolest Stuff on the Planet A Musician s Guide to Nashville Robben Island RevisitedKeep Asking Why can a 5 foot 8 inch man dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim while some people of taller stature can t?

Moncler Bayonne Jackets Women Collar Button Style Black

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