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Karl Lagerfeld flies high for Chanel couture show In the past, the designer has notably taken on various themes for shows, including aquatic, polar, and starry night settings. In October at Paris Fashion Week, he delighted attendees with a surprise Boticelli esque performance from fashion favorite Florence Welch. He s also imported iceburgs, haystacks, and even, Moncler Berlin Lily Allen into the Grand Palais for prior Chanel shows. (So, a jumbo jet that serves as a runway is really no big deal.) For the Spring Summer 2012 Moncler Blue Jacket Couture show, models walked out of a cockpit door, down blue carpeted "aisles" past guests in an array of sequin dresses and balloon sleeve tops. The majority of pieces were presented in shades of blue from midnight to cerulean to periwinkle blue. Meanwhile, attendees may as well have been on a flight to Dubai, considering the cabin was complete with juice carts, fake clouds Moncler Womenspring Autumn Long-Sleeved Red Jacket floating past windows, and numbered seats.

Moncler Certilogo

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel A Karl Lagerfeld just fired Lilly Allen as the face for Chanel handbags. Karl Lagerfeld must protect his brand. Lilly Allen s drunken behavior, isn t the image that Karl Lagerfeld wants to be associated with Chanel handbags. This is how he has survived all these years. Brutal professional ethics. All business. Innovative footwear was the major trend of the collection. A black pump and white boot become a new women s footwear. It is chic, and more importantly, a fresh look. Something that is desparetly needed. It is very reminiscent of the spats men wore in the 20s, but updated for women. Interesting. Karl Lagerfeld maybe getting old, but as far as his creations are concerned, he is still very much new. Karl Lagerfeld used more fur, than anyone has a right to. Karl Lagerfeld made this collection closer to couture than ready to wear. Fur was ubiquitous whether woven into brown tweeds that formed deep pelmets on the lower half of leather jackets or almost igloo shaped capes. Fur trousers and bonnets rounded out, the fur mania of this collection. Fundamentally, the suit and coat combinations were very lavish, Brand New Moncler Men T Shirts White more like what is usually reserved for haute eveningwear. Some people are going to look very Dr. Fur fringed embroideries and ice jewelry created seriously worked ruffled and beaded silhouettes that glinted with rock crystal neckpieces and fistfuls of rings. Somewhere in there, a flash of translucent silver seemed to be a clutch in which the quilting of the CC classic bag had been frozen into the likeness of a refrigerator ice cube tray. The collection will begin to to be delivered in July, at the height of summer. Nevertheless, putting global warming and the melting of ice caps both center stage and on the back burner, this show swept the audience along as they were treated to such amusements as seeing Karl Lagerfeld s favorite, Baptiste Giabiconi, Cheap Moncler Jackets Uk swagger out of an ice cave in a full length polar bear coat. Chanel offered the most singularly innovative knitwear for next winter. A group of three short angora sweater dresses, tinted iceberg blue in the center, was an Moncler 2012 Men 0008 amazing follow up from something Lagerfeld did with d pastel embroidery in couture. A gray and black cardigan coat was knitted in a bubbly grid to mimic a down filled puffer. The finale was given to a wedding dress knitted in silk tulle ribbon to resemble Chanel s boucl tweed, forming a tight fitting sweater in the body and then sweeping away in flounces in back. The bride, dangled an ice block purse on a fur woven Chanel chain.

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