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Moncler Coats Sale Womens

Moncler Coats Sale Womens

get the goods on Cavalli Designers used pink silks, satins, brocades Moncler Down Jackets Women Down Coat Zip Long Black and prints donated by the San Francisco Design Center; they include Babette, , Celia Tejada, and Alyssa Weeks for Soiree, Colleen Quen, , Mark Rex and . A food and wine tasting will kick off the event, with treats donated by Autumn Moon Cafe and Asia Shoesmoncler Black Cowskin Low Men Casual Shoes de Cuba, Domaine Carneros, Stag s Leap Wine Cellars, Jepson Vineyards and many others. Friday at Galleria Atrium, San Francisco Design Center, 101 , San Francisco. Runway side tables for four: $200. Call (415) 490 5821. Individual tickets: $25 $35. BREEZING THROUGH TOWN: The very tan, very Italian Roberto Cavalli greets women with a kiss on the hand and a flirtatious smile. The designer made a quick stop at Neiman Marcus recently for cocktails and a preview of pieces from his fall collection. Models were poured into Cavalli s hand painted jeans with a wild patchwork design of toile, leopard, florals and paisley ($415), and patchwork printed shearling coats with fox fur collars. On the racks were black silk crepe shirts with macrame leather lace detail ($1,240), silk satin paisley shirts with Swarovski crystals and snake shaped buttons. The designer wore a black suit and a paper thin white cotton shirt open at the throat. He only wishes he was born taller. "My son, he is 16 years old, he is young, tall and thin. When he wears my jeans, it is so fantastic. I am jealous of him." Then perhaps thinking of his own mortality, he adds, "I am afraid of the future. I am always afraid I will start to lose the fantasy, run out of ideas. " he says. I don t want to repeat myself." To help himself stay fresh, he says, he takes his digital camera everywhere he goes, shooting mostly pictures of nature. But his favorite place in the world is his own "wonderful, big garden," where he grows roses, olives and grapes. Kelly Gray was also in town recently for the opening of the new boutique at Four Seasons Hotel, a virtual knit warehouse at 10,000 square feet. It also features something for men: a downstairs lounge with bar and TV for imbibing and watching sports while their counterparts shop upstairs. Gray, the daughter of St. John founders Marie and , and the company s creative director, said the company is trying to expand its appeal beyond devotees of its traditional Chanel like suits by shifting part of the focus toward separates. The boutique showed off pastel day wear, evening wear with pants and jackets with glued on crystals and minidresses with thick horizontal stripes in primary colors against white. There s also a downstairs home store with jeweled bottle openers, picture frames and doggie beds in animal prints. "It s about working with the design team to make (the line) adaptable to different lifestyles," Moncler Columbus Down Jackets Men No Hat Collar Black she says. When they broke the brand off into separates, she adds, "that s when the line took off." The ad campaigns that depict Gray wearing St. John s newest fashions in exotic locations accompanied by buff male models don t hurt, either. "The ideas behind the ads are a fantasy, something you d really wear and take on vacation, something enticing and glamorous," she says. "What woman wouldn t want to be on a deserted island with handsome men?" SLIDES WITH STYLE: The late, very great , alas, did not come through town last week, but an afternoon lecture and an exclusive slide show of her most influential work is scheduled for Thursday in downtown San Francisco.

Moncler Coats Sale Womens

Ghost Hunters Moncler Men Pink Short Sleeves T-Shirt scopes out Vinoy s halls At first, it wasn t something they really wanted to acknowledge. After all, pop culture is littered with stories about haunted houses or hotels, and few read like tourist brochures: The Shining. The Haunting. The Amityville Horror. Then officials at St. Petersburg s Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club heard about how business exploded at a bed and breakfast after it was featured on the Sci Fi Channel s reality TV series Ghost Hunters. After that, calls from the producers to film at the Vinoy got a much different reception. "(That hotel was) inundated with Moncler Women Down Jackets Ox Horn Buckle Collar Green people who wanted to come and be a part of this thing," said Dennis Lesko, director of sales and marketing for the luxury hotel. "It s a market niche you would never think of exploring, but it s literally found Moncler Womens Down Jackets Djouba Hooded With Zip Grey business people who follow ghost sightings and may want to stay in a place that has ghosts." The Vinoy opened its doors to Ghost Hunters back in July, reserving the hotel s entire fifth floor for the production. Hosts Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson plumbers by trade, believe it or not head the Atlantic Paranormal Society, a group that investigates tales of paranormal sightings to separate the spiritual from the superficial. Producers were drawn to the Vinoy by a host of stories from staffers and visitors claiming to sense an otherworldly presence in the halls from a misty woman in white touted by local ghost tours to a man dressed in clothes from the hotel s 1920s era founding, described by visiting Major League Baseball players. An entire chapter of the book Haunted Baseball details the ghost stories from players staying at the Vinoy, which houses the visiting teams playing the Tampa Bay Rays. Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Scott Williamson famously told of encountering a ghost at the Vinoy in 2003, along with members of the Pittsburgh Pirates and former Toronto Blue Jays reliever John Frascatore. Water faucets turning on by themselves. Doors opening and closing mysteriously. Lights in the rooms flickering with no apparent cause. All these pranks and more supposedly are the results of mischievous spirits floating through the Vinoy. Vinoy staffers can t say what the ghost hunters found, for fear of busting the episode s suspense (here s a hint: An episode would be really boring if they didn t find something weird). As the Rays proceed through the baseball playoffs, perhaps more opposing players will find themselves housed on the fifth floor. "We have 360 rooms, so anyone who needs to move can be moved," Lesko said, laughing. "But it might help to put the opposing teams in there." Watch it The Vinoy appears in the Ghosts of the Sunshine State episode of Ghost Hunters at 9 tonight on the Sci Fi Channel. The public is invited to watch the episode at the Vinoy, 501 Fifth Ave. NE, St. Petersburg.

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