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Moncler Collection

Moncler Collection

How Will You Know the Difference Between an Original Chanel Bag From a Fake One Examine the stitching. On a real Chanel bag all stitches will Moncler Women Down Hooded Fine Grid Green Grid Jackets be uniform in size and distance from each other. Pay attention not just to the stitches in Moncler Down Men Winter Hooded Zip Buttons Gray Jackets plain view on the outside of the bag, but also to those on the inside. You will not see any loose or fraying threads on a real Chanel bag. Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos own high end vintage design shops in Los Angeles. In 2007 "Good Morning America" put their fake Chanel detection skills to the test. Silver was able to spot one fake by noticing that the diamond pattern stitches that decorated the bag did not quite line up with each other. Touch the bag. In a 2013 article in "Forbes" explained that fake bags are Moncler Puffer Jacket meant to fool your eyes, and often times they can, but they can t usually fool your sense of touch. Run your hands over the bag. If the material feels rough, flimsy, or poorly finished, that is a clear indication that it s not a real Chanel. Make sure anything that looks like leather feels like it too. Next, check to make sure that anything that looks like metal feels like metal. A real Chanel bag will never have plastic parts that have been finished to look metallic. Inspect the label on the inside. Make sure that "CHANEL" is spelled correctly, and that all the letters are capitalized. If the label has the double C Chanel logo on it in addition to the brand name, make sure that the Cs are facing away from each other. Finally, make sure the label is securely attached, and does not feel loose or appear to be crooked. A poor quality label is a good indication that the bag is a fake.

Moncler Collection

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