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Moncler Fall 2013

Moncler Fall 2013

Moncler Fall 2013

Why I m Abandoning My Signature Red Lips I m on my way to a business meeting, but I m late as usual. As I run outside to my car, the merciless wind whips my perfect hairdo loose across my face. Then the rain starts, pummeling my body. I m agitated as I climb inside the driver s seat, but I still make time to swing by Starbucks for a smoothie to appease my growling stomach. That s when the hail strikes, requiring me to pull over and take cover from the storm. I text my clients to tell them I m running late. While I m waiting for the storm to pass, I pull down the front seat mirror, examining my hair and makeup. That s when I notice my face, streaked with war paint red. I grab my Q tip pack from my purse, wiping away the marks left by my signature Chanel lip gloss. As the hail subsides, I realize that so, too, does my desire to wear red. The decision to abandon my signature red lip products didn t happen overnight. Moncler Menspring Autumn Jackets White I have been agonizing over it for months, like a smoker trying to quit. However, the cons of red lipstick outweigh the pros. My hair perpetually sticks to my lip gloss during wind storms, painting my face red as it whips across my cheeks. On top of that, I m tired of leaving red goo all over my coffee Moncler Kids Jackets Vosges Baby Buttons Hooded Deep Red cups, straws, teeth, and even inside my fingernails. Not to mention, after I kiss my husband, he cries, "Red alert!" His face is incessantly covered with red smooches (not that he minds but I do). Although red lipstick is considered glamorous by celebrities like Taylor Swift and Madonna, I m taking my own stance. I m switching to peachy and nude glosses that won t stain everything I own. I ll always have a special place in my heart for my signature red, but I m moving forward with my life and with my makeup. She loves traveling, yoga, indie music, fine art, new age spirituality, pedicures, dark chocolate, and dry red wine. She reads fas. View profile Easy and Natural Lip Gloss RecipesUse common household items to make different colored and flavored lip glosses and tints. The products used to make these lip glosses have many other uses as well, which saves time, money, and environmental resources!How to Wear Red LipstickRed lipstick is quite trendy this year. Moncler Coats Down Mens Hooded Collar Nagymaros Dark Gray Related ContentWhat to Wear with Red LipstickTen Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick to PromHow to Wear Red LipstickAu Naturale Homemade Yummy Flavored Lip GlossHow to Wear Red LipstickHomemade Fruity Lip Gloss for KidsReview of Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in 577A 2 CommentsSign in to CommentWendy Zucker 7/31/2013I agree with Roy comment. I, personally, don have the right complexion to pull of red, but you certainly do. Still, I can relate to the constant annoyance of hair sticking to lip gloss. As I gotten older, I care a little less about being so pulled together. Not to say I don care I do but I think watching my teenage daughter spend SO much time trying to achieve the "natural" look with makeup has confirmed that I a take me as I am girl. I be lost without my mascara but that about it. Definitely save that red for special occasions, though it looks great on you! Roy Gomez 7/30/2013Never considered the perils involved. Article both funny and enlightening. Leave red for extra special occasions. Personally, I kind of like natural.

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