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Moncler Lucie Jacket

Tautou brings new surprises to NEW YORK Audrey Tautou may be forever fixed in moviegoers minds as Am Poulain, the whimsical heroine with the elfin smile and the pageboy haircut who romped around the Oscar nominated 2001 film as a puckish Parisian charmer, concocting elaborate stunts to brighten up a stranger day, exact payback, or win the heart of her crush. It the role for which she most beloved, the one that made her an international star at 24. So how does she feel about the character today? Is it a blessing because of the doors it opened? Or a curse because she may forever be pigeonholed as the mischievous sprite? definitely a gift. It only a gift. I would do it again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I happy I did one thing that could be unforgettable. You know, many actors never have that kind of luck in their careers, says Tautou, speaking in a halting mixture of sometimes sputtering English and [through a translator] her native French. Tautou is in Manhattan to talk about her new film which opens Friday. Now 35, the actress is aware of just how lucky she was to play Am Indeed, director Jean Pierre Jeunet initially wrote the role for the British actress Emily Watson. But when she dropped out, he stumbled upon Tautou after seeing a poster for her breakthrough French film, Beauty Institute, on a Paris street corner. Flashing those dark and alluring, saucer like eyes, Tautou maintains that her identity as an actress has never felt constrained by Am think if you depend on how others are perceiving you, or how you are going to prove things to other people, it a burden, and you can become almost a prisoner of it. I think you are not free. . . . I never saw this character as a problem. Maybe if I hadn worked after it could have been a problem, she says. I feel that I was very spoiled by the experience I had after the film came out, because I got to work with directors I really admire. But other than one summer blockbuster, the Ron Howard adaptation of Da Vinci Code, Tautou has largely avoided the Hollywood machine. She chooses to work mostly in the French film industry. In Tautou stars as a grief stricken Parisian widow, Nathalie, who winds up in an unlikely romance with an awkward, oafish office co worker three years after her world fell apart following the tragic death of her handsome young husband, Francois (Pio Marma To cope, Nathalie walls herself off emotionally and takes refuge in her job as a business executive. Then one day, the captivating beauty finds herself impulsively kissing an unexceptional office subordinate, Markus (Francois Damiens), who smitten by her surprising overture. Before long, a reticent Nathalie finds herself awakening to life and love. But the unorthodox duo must navigate the hostile Moncler 2012 Women 0023 perception of friends and co workers dismayed by their coupling, not to mention their own self doubts. Directed by brothers St and David Foenkinos and adapted from David best selling French novel, the film finds Tautou shifting from sweetness and light to anguished despair. Later, her icy exterior thaws into a newfound vitality. For the Foenkinos brothers, Tautou was their dream choice for the role. Indeed, the film underscores her quicksilver capacity to project both a gossamer fragility and, despite her Moncler Down Men Jacket Berriat No Hat Zip Deep Green spritely stature, a surprising sinew. And St praises the actress for the ease with which she transitions from playful comedy to poignant drama. was really interested in trying to show the evolution of this terrible moment in her life and the stages of her grief how she works through those, Tautou says. I didn want to leave audiences in tears or make it overly sentimental. I think that this fidelity to the past, as the movie says, is a very heavy burden, she explains. Markus is not the most handsome guy, I think he brings Nathalie to a totally different place also a different place compared to what she lived with Francois. He offers something that is so true and sincere and without calculation. In person, she does not come across as the stereotypical remote French actress (think Catherine Deneuve or Isabelle Huppert). Nor does she exhibit the whimsical, quirky charisma or doe eyed wonder of Am Instead, there a nervous charm and a playful sense of humor ( you want me to give you names? she asks, with an amused giggle, while discussing the stereotype of the actor who is always performing.) She does have one Am affectation. At the end Moncler Down Jackets Outlet of the interview, she politely asks if she can take the reporter picture with her shiny silver Leica something she done for years with every journalist she encounters. Growing up in the small town of Montlu in central France, the daughter of a dental surgeon and a teacher, Tautou wanted to become a primate researcher and live in the jungle. I had been courageous enough, I would have loved to have been an adventuress, she says. As a teenager, she gravitated toward artistic pursuits drawing, painting, acting. But she allows that acting can be an adventure, too. you going into an unknown area. You work with a director, and you don know his way of thinking. You give your confidence to somebody, and it a complex process. So it an adventure but without the mosquitoes, she says, with a laugh. Despite her desire to work in film, Tautou admits that she long had an ambivalence toward the fame aspect of the equation. I think I have a little paradox, because I really love to act, and I pleased if a movie I did has a lot of success. But I don miss the lights at all when I in the shadow, she says.

Moncler Lucie Jacket

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