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Moncler Men Short Sleeves T-Shirt Blue

Moncler Men Short Sleeves T-Shirt Blue

Chanel Vintage Jewelry Exhibition The swinging 1930s solidified a style and allure not seen today. In its day, 1930s fashions were liberating and accentuated the idealism of the woman who wore them. The leading designer of that era emerged from the dismal world of woman s fashion consisting of thick tights and corsets. Her fashion sense transcended all boundary that previous held woman to the confinements of fashion design by man unable to meet the feminine needs of the then modernized woman. Chanel burst on the scene with not just a fashion line to die for but accessories, fragrances like the legendary Chanel Number 5 and jewelry. Her first jewelry exhibition took place on November 1, 1932 in her St. Honore Street apartment. The diamond ornaments featured were the most stunning Brand New Moncler Men T Shirts Purple aspect of the exhibition leading to what would become another very fashionable influence in the world of jewelry designing. The collection on exhibition is called Bijoux De Diamants. In much the same way Chanel designer line striped women of the cumbersome corset and trading stodgy tights for women s pants, her jewelry line also stripped away the conventional. She was the first designer to incorporate natural stones in her jewelry designs. Inspired by features which were very popular in the 1930s, Chanel combined the simplicity of features with diamonds to create pure masterpieces. Whist dating a French millionaire playboy named Etienne Balsan; Chanel became very acquainted with the finer things in life. Balsan was said to have lavished the future iconic fashion designer with everything from the finest clothes to the most beautiful jewelry in the world and in particularly pearls and diamonds. However, it was a new love Moncler Spring Jacket in her life which acted as her inspiration as the tale goes. Chanel created jewelry pieces that reflected on the time of her life when the man known as Pol Yrib, and actor, captivated her heart. It is he who is noted as the person who most inspired and influenced the work of Coco Chanel. The most significant piece in the Chanel Jewelry collection is the cuff bracelet. This poignant piece is part of the traveling exhibition featuring the Chanel fine jewelry collection around the world. It is comprised of 105 cultured spherical pearls, lattice work of gold strips set in yellow gold and mounted with small round brilliant cut diamonds. Addition diamonds can be seen wherever two strips crisscross along the band of bracelet. This design is both classic and elegant in its ability to withstand the testing of time it is also timeless. She enjoys writing and formulating ideas on all Moncler Down Jackets Women Men Gs Black levels of media. She also is an enthusiastic aficionado of DIY, the arts, old films and entertainment. Related ContentLifetime Movie: Coco Chanel Story What to See and Do While Visiting HollywoodHow to Start a Meaningful Jewelry Collection During a RecessionVintage Costume Jewelry Collecting: Choosing a Valuable PieceFashionEssential Clothing Pieces for a Woman s WardrobeReview of the Kathryn Bentley Jewelry Collection

Moncler Men Short Sleeves T-Shirt Blue

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