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Home Theater Discussion I get people asking me about how to build a HTPC and setup a system using 7.1 surround sound more and more these days. One would think that adding any Radeon HD 3 or 4 series card into Fashion Moncler Clairy Dowe Sleeveless Women Vest Red a system and running an HDMI cable to a receiver with HDMI would be enough but it s not. A friend of mine purchased a Sherwood RD 7502 for $199 (MSRP $399.95) and hooked it up to a Radeon HD 4850 and found out the hard way. He has a full 7.1 surround setup, but could only get video to pass through on the HDMI as the audio would pull to the surround sound. The audio went directly to the TV, which wasn t what he wanted. While helping him with his problem I discovered that Sherwood has an RD 7503 Audio/Video Receiver in the works for the same price (MSRP $399.95) that includes full HDMI Audio Repeater functionality and decodes native lossless audio tracks from Blu Ray discs including Dolby Tru HD and DTS Master Audio HD. That means that it can play Blu Ray content from a single HDMI input and play it back in surround sound mode. If the street price is like that of the RD 7502 this receiver will be a bargain and bring HTPC s to reality for many on a tight budget. Sherwood America Inc., one of the world s leading manufacturers of high performance audio equipment, today introduced the first dual zone, multi source receiver in its Moncler Polo Shirt Men value priced Sherwood Home Audio line. Rated at 100 watts RMS for each of its 7 channels, the RD 7503 is an HDMI 1.3 capable receiver with 3 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Unlike many of the receivers in its price range, the 7503 has full HDMI Audio Repeater functionality Moncler Puffer Jacket and decodes native lossless audio tracks from Blu Ray discs including Dolby Tru HD and DTS Master Audio HD. In the opinion of Jeffrey Hipps, Sherwood s Sr. VP for Marketing and Product Planning, "The RD 7503 may be all the receiver most consumers need. If we imagine a modern system with set top box, upconverting DVD player and DVR, the 7503 is perfect. The user runs a single HDMI cable from each source to our receiver. The RD 7503 decodes the audio and sends the video on to the display device through a single HDMI cable. It is simplicity incarnate." To further insure that RD 7503 users have a top flight audio experience, the receiver includes Auto Setup and adds Sherwood s exclusive SNAPTM Room EQ. "We borrowed SNAPTM directly from our $2000.00 Newcastle R 965 receiver," adds Hipps. "its 7 bands of parametric EQ per channel with adjustable "Q" and center frequency can improve the sound of any system." As expected, the RD 7503 has AM/FM tuner, front panel inputs for convenient playback from portable music players, tape and aux inputs and is Sirius Radio ready. Unexpectedly, the receiver has a front panel receptacle for Sherwood s optional BT 7 Blue Tooth receiver. When used with the BT 7, users can stream music from a suitably equipped cell phone or music player even with the phone still in their pocket or purse.

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