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Awakening Review Let talk about the ticking clock for a moment. SGU has boldly inserted the notion into its central drama, with the Destiny counting down at every planet they reach and threatening to leave any hapless crewmen behind unless they get their tail in gear. Sometimes the gimmick works well. Other times, it becomes an unfortunate crutch on which the series must lean. This week, thankfully, it scores Moncler Women Zip Purple Down Jackets a hit for them. works in part because the ticking clock features some new wrinkles. Namely, the Destiny comes into contact with an Ancient ship, responsible for creating and depositing stargates on new planets. The two vessels dock and begin transferring data, giving the crew a set time in which to act. They begin to explore the new ship and soon discover it has power that they can transfer enough to dial the Destiny stargate to Earth and send everyone home. They only need to get it done before the data transfer finishes and the Destiny jumps to FTL speed again. Had they tried this gimmick on a planet, it may have sunk the episode. The whiff of Gilligan Island hangs ominously in the air, since we know they not getting home and can thus wait for whatever complication will prevent the stargate from activating. But the new ship provides enough twists and turns to give the concept some freshness. Most notably, it carries some occupants with it, whose disposition is unknown but who don seem interested in letting the Destiny do as it will. The remaining Lucians enter into the mix as well, with an unbrainwashed Colonel Telford (Lou Diamond Philips) offering to help and other Alliance members clamoring to prove themselves amid the new crisis. It proves to be an adept fit, keeping a lingering plot thread afloat without detracting from the main thrust of the episode. Director Andy Mikita keeps a few other irons hot as well: the issue with Chloe (Elyse Levesque) leg, for instance, and TJ (Alain Huffman) fitness for duty. Both notions enter the picture quietly and unobtrusively, reminding us of their presence while still letting the central plot complication hold our interest. Then there Rush (Robert Carlyle) and his ongoing Great Big Secret, of which also makes solid use. With control of Destiny systems in his hands, Rush could resolve the entire dilemma. But he needs to do so in a way that doesn tip his hand to the rest of the crew. He also not entirely keen on the prospect of getting everyone home, since he fully intends to remain with the ship and may need some helper monkeys along for the ride. It helps keep the tension crackling and ensure that those aliens scuttling around on the seed ship remain mysterious and frightening instead of just dull. That lets fully escape the confines of the ticking clock, creating an exciting adventure instead of another variation on an overly used theme. As SGU expands its scope, it needs more episodes like this in order to thrive: integrating past plot threads while providing new and interesting notions for the future. Older Stargate series managed the trick quite nicely. Universe, it seems, is starting to catch up. I know alot of people are driven nuts by the brooding moodieness of the show and yes i really dont like some of the main characters. This is really good science fiction much more interesting than all the prior Stargates (However the people and characters are far superior and could make silly storylines work). The producers may want to rethink giving time to many cast members and begin to focus on only a few. Rush, for one needs to be on screen as often as possible. I m liking where this is heading I wish they would focus a bit more on the important players and forget sideways angst ridden useless timewasters. This was an especially good episode. I Moncler Men Casual liked the new CGI aliens (and isn t it nice to see aliens which aren t humans with body paint or forehead prosthesesis?). And I thought it was hilarious that when confronted with a human, the first alien they meet faints dead away. Perhaps they could have found some common ground with this alien science team. Wouldn t humans have done the same as they did if a huge alien ship broke down in our space? Rush is treading a thin line. If he had been straight with Young about the control room, would it have ended up with them leaving Telford behind? Perhaps not. When Young finds out about Rush s secret (and he eventually Moncler Accessories will) he s not going to be amused. I m pretty sure we haven t seen the last of Telford. Though if he remains lost for a few episodes it would enhanse the drama and mystery. We know they aren t going to keep the Lucien Alliance characters locked up indefinitely. Let them out already. Looks like we focus on Chloe next week. All you Chloe haters are gonna love that. Very good episode I thought. I get the feeling we haven t seen the last of Telford. I m sure him and his new found alien buddies will show up later down the road. He ll be good friends with and communicating with the aliens by then too. At some point someone should probably be following Rush to see where he keeps hiding off too. That whole "where were you" is starting to get annoying. Oh. and I think Eli should lose a few pounds. It s like the Hurley from Lost scenario. If you re stuck somewhere with very little food, maybe you might lose a some of that heavy weight. I think this was an A plus episode and yes chloe still needs to go. You are right kara, being a chloe hater I m dreading next week especially after such a good episode. If Rob is grading this a B he s never going to see an A episode through his eyes. Excuse me, who the f are you? go back to screwing scott and let us handle this. IT was a mistake to put this character on the show so now to justify it they are going to give her super powers or something. I m sorry to see Lou DIamond go, I like his character. I know we ll see him back but I was hoping for a regular place on the show. Chloe is not a fck toy. She is a civilian who got trapped on the ship with the military and scientists. If that were you, you would try to find some way to contribute, some way to develop useful skills. I know I would. The others keep her in the loop because she is intelligent and well educated. And not being either military or scientist, she is more likely to think outside the box. Her relationship with Scott has nothing to do with it. It wasn t a mistake to include such a character. There are lots of story possibilities for such a character. But since Eli is also such a character, she seems a little redundant. And they really aren t handling her very well or providing good stories for her. Therefore she isn t that interesting.

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Babel betters with age What directors have a flawless body of work? I have no hesitation in arguing that director Alejandro Gonz I is one of the few. Okay, maybe not flawless, but close. This Saturday March 30 at 9.30pm, SBS ONE screens his most widely seen feature film, Babel, starring our Cate (Blanchett) and Brad Pitt, who recently became the first man to front a Chanel 5 advertisement. Then, at the same time the following week, SBS ONE airs his fourth and latest film, Biutiful, starring the mesmerising Javier Bardem. What a (double) treat. Both Babel and Biutiful are complex, emotionally wrenching, visually breathtaking films that stand up to viewing again and again, just like I preceding two films, Amores Perros (screening Sunday, March 31 at 12:05am on SBS ONE) and 21 Grams. The four of them have together attracted more than 200 critical acknowledgements including 12 Academy Award nominations, plus I won best director in 2000 at the Tokyo Film Festival with Amores Perros and in 2007 at Cannes with Babel. Birdman, inches closer to production I feeling a similar nervousness as I did before cameras rolled on Biutiful: What if the final result demands that I reconsider his status as a god of filmmaking? My fears during the lead up to Biutiful were due to it being the first time I had gone into production on a script not written by Guillermo Arriaga. The nervousness around Birdman is around tone and subject, not the capability of the scriptwriting team after all, I has again worked with his Biutiful collaborators Nicol Giacobone and Armando Bo, as well as with one other, Alexander Dinelaris. I films have all been dramas that are distinctive because of their intensity; this one is comedic drama. Surely it will involve a different set of skills, a different sensibility. Can he pull it off? Also, this film is set on Broadway and part of me despairs when filmmakers decide to turn the spotlight on the world of the arts because it reeks of navel gazing, although I acknowledge that this is a very personal bias. Hopefully, the nervousness around Birdman will be as misplaced as it was with Biutiful. Time will tell. Part drama, part documentary, this Moncler Pantalon Ski Noir Junior Pants Kids Black film focuses on the Tipton Three, a trio of British Muslims who were heading for a wedding in Pakistan but were captured on the Afghanistan border and then imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. Two years of relentless interrogations and torture followed before they were released without charge. Nominated for a BAFTA for Best Single Drama, 2007. Directed by Mat Whitecross and Michael Winterbottom, and stars Riz Ahmed, Farhad Harun and Waqar Siddiqui. (From the UK, in English and Urdu, English subtitles) (Drama) (2006) (Rpt) MA (L,A) CC Based on a true story, this film tells the dramatic story of an imprisoned man recounting his life as a political extremist and the mastermind behind one of the most audacious prison breaks ever attempted. Prima Linea Moncler Coats Mens was a radical political group active in Italy in the 1970 s, who believed the nation s leadership was taking a dangerous shift to the right. When Sergio joins the militant group, he falls in love with fellow member Susanna who is soon arrested. Determined to reunite with his love, Sergio sets about one of the most daring jail escapes ever devised. (From Italy, in Italian) Brand New Moncler Men Blue Logo T Shirts (Film) (Drama) (2009) M(V,L,S) A Hollywood stunt driver by day moonlights as a top notch getaway driver for hire in the criminal underworld. He finds himself a target for some of LA s most dangerous men after agreeing to aid the husband of his beautiful neighbour, Irene. When the job goes dangerously awry, the only way he can keep Irene and her son alive is to do what he does best drive. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston. Winner of Best Director at Cannes Film Festival. (From the US) (Film) (Drama) (2011) MA(V) CC

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