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Moncler Scarf Cap White Red Black

Moncler Scarf Cap White Red Black

The Hidden Dangers Found in Vitamins and Herbal Supplements Many people take vitamins to gain energy, to prevent certain health conditions, and to avoid vitamin deficiency. Taking the wrong types and doses of vitamins can pose great health risks. According Moncler Down Jackets Men No Hat Sky Blue to Consumer Reports, there are 10 hidden dangers associated with these supplements. The popular magazine gathered its research through interviews and reports. Food and Drug Administration. This leaves consumers wondering if vitamins and supplements are safe enough to take. Become aware of the common risks and preventions before you ingest any more of these vitamins. Supplements Cause Health Concerns Between the years 2007 and 2012, Consumer Reports found that 6,300 people had side effects. About 10,300 of the side effects founded were reported as serious. The findings also reported that there were 2,100 hospitalizations, 1,000 injuries, 900 ER visits, and 115 deaths. The FDA could not take these supplements off the market even after seeing these reports. They did ban ephedrine alkaloids, an ingredient found in popular weight loss products, which cause several reports of death. Protect yourself by visiting the FDA site and entering the name of the supplement to read its warnings, side effects, or possible recalls. Most supplements are also prescription drugs. In 2008, there were over 400 recalls for weight loss, muscle building, and sexual enhancement supplements. Most of them have ingredients similar to their prescription drug counterparts. Reports by the FDA found that these ingredients cause blood clots, kidney failure, and death. If you want to lose weight, try diet and exercise. Talk with your doctor if you re experiencing problems with sexual intimacy. Vitamin Overdose and Warning Labels Vitamins may be safe for the body, but they could also cause an overdose if taken incorrectly. High levels of vitamins cause liver failure, kidney disease, bleeding, or death. Add up the total number of supplements you take each day. Check with the Institute of Medicine website to see if you re taking too much. Reading warning labels sometimes Moncler Kids Down Jackets Blue Short Hood With Fur may not be enough. The FDA sometimes does not require warnings on complications or about poisoning. Consumer Reports found that at least 14 supplements or 233 products had inconsistencies on their warning labels. The supplements didn t provide enough information on which drugs to avoid or which conditions could exist. The labels didn t even list the possible side effects. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects or complications associated with your vitamins. Herbs are Not Completely Natural Botnicas sell herbs and medicinal plants that treat common health problems. Consumer Reports found that several in New York don t provide enough information on the ingredients listed in the herb, or any possible side effects associated with it. Ask a holistic or alternative medicine doctor about the origin of an herb before taking it. They have the potential to interact with the drugs Moncler Sweaters and limit the effectiveness of your IVF procedure.

Moncler Scarf Cap White Red Black

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