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Moncler Vest Down Mens Blue Shiny Collar

Moncler Vest Down Mens Blue Shiny Collar

What did you think of the portrayal of Arthur Capel in Coco Chanel Captain Arthur Edward Boy Capel,[1] CBE (d. 21 December 1919 in a motor accident) was an English polo player best remembered for his affair with, and influence on the style of, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. He was wealthy and supplied her with resources she needed to open her first shop. His blazers inspired her to put a squared, masculine touch on classic suit designs. Supposedly Capel proposed to Chanel and she refused, wanting instead to wait until she was financially independent. Capel was killed in an auto accident in 1919, supposedly on his way to a secret Christmas rendez vous Moncler Down Jacket Blue Double-Sided Camouflage with Chanel. In his daughter s obituary, Capel was described as "an intellectual, politician, tycoon, polo player and the dashing lover and sponsor of the fashion designer Coco Chanel."[2]. Nothing else is known of his earlier life; there are hints in biographies of Chanel about his (illegitimate) connections with the Capel earls of Essex but no connection has been established. He was already a rich man, and apparently a self made man, by 1909. Capel was portrayed by French actor Olivier Sitruk in Coco Chanel, a 2008 American television movie about Coco Chanel for Lifetime Television which starred Shirley MacLaine as an elder Chanel. In the 2009 film "Coco avant Chanel", in which Capel has a major role, he is played by Alessandro Nivola. Capel and Chanel His affair with Chanel apparently Moncler Women Coat Sale lasted from 1909 to 1918 when, as a friend of her then lover Etienne Balsan, he became acquainted with Balsan s 26 year old mistress.[3] Capel financed Chanel s first stores and his own clothing style, notably his blazers, inspired her creation of the Chanel look. The couple spent time together at fashionable resorts such as Deauville, but he was never faithful to Chanel. [4] Even after Capel married an aristocratic English beauty, he did not completely break off with Chanel. His death, in late 1919, was the single most devastating event in Chanel s life.[5] A few weeks back, I got a chance to participate in a roundtable with COCO BEFORE CHANEL director Anne Fontaine. She talked about her decision to focus on the early years of Coco Chanel, working with Audrey Tautou, the creation of the costumes, and much more. Coco Before Chanel comes out to theaters this Friday, September 25, 2009, but until then, enjoy the interview below. Why are you so interested in Coco Chanel? Anne Fontaine: I think it was when I was very young I had the luck to meet Chanel s last assistant, Lilou Marquand, who worked with her a long time and who also lived with her. She was very close to Gabrielle Chanel and I heard about this for a long time, since I was very young. I felt very curious about her because she was so original for her time, so new. At this point I didn t think about doing a movie about her but I was impressed, like a personality, like someone who is very complex and it s very incredible, this success Moncler Down Jacket Women Short With Hood Zip Coffee story and then this tragedy underneath. At the beginning, also she was so poor. I knew, as everyone, Chanel as this old woman, very tough, cigarettes but when you discover who she was at the beginning, a courtesan; it s amazing what she has built with her own destiny. It was revolutionary for a woman of this time. When did you decide to focus on the early years of Coco Chanel? Anne Fontaine: Well, when we had the idea to do the movie I felt immediately that I had to make a choice on a part of her life because she lived a long time. Eighty seven years old. I didn t want to make a film of her whole life. I prefer to read through her and inside of her and not express every part. I thought the use of Chanel even for the French was more unknown, mysterious. Many people, they don t know about who she was and for me to explore that, gave me some more freedom and I very much like the relationship she had with these two men, Etienne Balsan and Arthur Capel.

Moncler Vest Down Mens Blue Shiny Collar

What Do You Have A Weakness For I have a major weakness for chocolate. Speficially milk chocolate. White chocolate is ok, and dark chocolate is nasty. I love milk chocolate though. Anything from candy, to ice cream, to cookies. I would say my favorite chocolate candy is a milky way. Chocolate is the best, and yes I m addicted to it. One place I haven t gone to is hershey park, and I can t wait cause I know I would stuff my mouth with a whole bunch of chocolate. I know I would get sick, but it going to be worth it. CHOCOLATE ROCKS! Mean Weakness: Garlic. Most certainly, it s smell as all get out, but, to compensate, I ll eat it (raw, of course!) when I know I m not going anyplace for the next 15 18 hours. And the reasons that I eat it: It s a natural insect repellent I get eaten Moncler Womens Jackets Down Bady Collar Hooded Dark Grey alive if I _don t_ eat it. (Commercial preparations don t do a darn thing for me.) Also, since I ve been Moncler Down Men Jackets Giotto Yellow Collar Hooded eating it (25+ years), I"ve had maybe 3 cold (used to get 3 colds a _week_ during colder weather!). Moncler Down Men Jackets Deep Brown Gibran Lapel Buttons One other item: Sauerkraut Strudel. From Croatia.)

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