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Moncler White Jacket

Moncler White Jacket

Famous French Clothing Designers So today we re talking about two famous French designers and two of their key signature looks. We re going to start with a Chanel suit which is a classic and essential for every woman s wardrobe. Coco Chanel was a revolutionary in her time because she freed women from corsets and constraining clothes and gave them sports wear. She gave them separates and you can see this beautiful Moncler 2013 Winter jacket and skirt still looks pulled together as a set and can also be broken apart and worn separately. Women today still love this suit. The Fashion Moncler Down Jackets Women Purple Red jacket looks amazing with a pair of jeans or even with its matching skirt. Another famous French designer that doesn t get quite as much attention as Chanel but is equally important is Mr. Cristobal Balenciaga. Balenciaga was actually a Spaniard, but he worked in France and created many of his signature creations there. The House of Belenciaga has a very signature shape. Mr. Cristobal Balenciaga loved to use volume and he loved for the clothing to really stand away from the body. And that s exhibited here in this strong rounded shoulder and all this beautiful seam detail. Also in the back, the jacket has these beautiful seams that create a rounded shoulder and a rounded shape in the back. The designer that now helms Cheap Moncler Jackets the House of Balenciaga is Nicholas Guestier, a Frenchman who love to still work with these old ideas that Mr. Balenciaga originally worked with in the house, this idea of volume and shape that stands away from the body. And he takes those old ideas and re imagines them in jackets such as this. This particular jacket is made of neoprene which is the type of material that used by surfers in their body suits. So it s a very modern fabric and, but the shape is really a nod to the heritage of the House of Balenciaga.

Moncler White Jacket

Fare and lovely "When I started there was no concept of western outfits in this country. It was next to impossible to sell a jacket to a girl. Once a lady asked me how can you ask Rs.25000 for a cashmere suit. A sari can cost this much because it is for generations. But a suit reminisces Payal Jain, settling for an interview after a hectic day at office and on the road, thanks to the traffic. One of the first designers in the country to specialise in western wear, Payal has stuck to her design philosophy through thick and thin. When her colleagues kept on churning out bridal wear from the rack while maintaining the faade of being avant garde on the ramp, Payal even refused to suffuse her creations with the sequins. "It took the Indian customer long to realise that the price could be for the immaculate cut and the fit. They kept on looking for heavy embroidery even on western outfits." Today, she continues, times have changed, "Now it is difficult to find girls in ethnic wear on the roads, offices and colleges." She Moncler Jackets Outlet Womens points out how even politicians and people from political families are not averse to be seen in western outfits. "Priyanka Gandhi s (who was her junior at Jesus and Mary College) statement in the Parliament is one example. However, at another level, I think we are overdoing it. Once they were conscious, how they will look in trousers, these days girls of every size and height are trying to get into slim fits and low rise stuff. Many among us have yet to figure out what suits us. If your personality demands sari, why wear trousers? Fashion should not be followed blindly." Payal suggests people should understand the brand or designer they are going for. "Those who buy Chanel, identify with some aspect of the personality of Coco Chanel. I have observed here people aspiring for a Louis Vuitton bag without realising that most of its stuff is for older people and suits business meetings. If you want a funky bag for a party go for Prada or Gucci." Moncler Maya Men Down Jackets Blue Sky Red Her other interest lies in designing uniforms. "I started with designing uniforms for Max Healthcare. They are still persisting with it. Must have become out of fashion!" quips Payal. Having just finished a hotel project of Sultan of Brunei, she says it was a specialised job and required a lot of research. "One had to figure out something that worked well with people of different nationalities, size and height. Moncler Field Jacket Then you can t suggest dry wash. Similarly you have to be conscious about the local flavour and sensibilities. I am doing a hotel project in Jeddah, where scarves are a must. So I have to design something that goes well with the western outfit, meet international standards, but still have the local appeal. I designed sarongs for a hotel in Maldives, as it is part of their custom." Payal wanted to be an architect. "I was good at sketching from my school days. As my father is a design engineer, perhaps, I inherited the trait. But then talking to his architect friends, I realised they were bored of dealing with contractors and following clients demands. Then one of his friends suggested fashion designing and I decided to figure out what it takes." She still finds time to support her father who runs a company which designs green buildings. "The idea is to design buildings which do not discharge anything harmful. So far we have designed four, one of which is my office in Noida." Payal says her early childhood evenings were spent at Triveni. "My mother used to learn sitar and my mother s sister taught sculpting there. I enrolled myself for Odissi dance classes. I learnt for six years. Then I learnt Hindustani classical music from Dagar brothers for a year. All this helped in understanding creativity in different forms." Her life after work revolves around her kids Jai and Yash, who are fraternal twins. "They have uncanny similarities, which no science can explain. Like if one has got stomach infection the other will also get it after five days. When one loses a tooth, I realise the other one will also complain about the same tooth after a couple of days. However, many people feel they are like clones, which they are not. They are two different personalities with their likes and dislikes." I have been working with Lakshmi Menon for ten years. I discovered her much before the international agencies found her talented. Skin colour was never an issue with me, as my collection was never meant to be just for North India, where such things could be an issue. She has an amazing ability to bring forth the idea behind the collection. A model s face is not for selling a product. You do a lot of other things for that. You want her to be one with your design philosophy.

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