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Moncler Winter 2014

Moncler Winter 2014

Four Loko Causes Concerns with Parents The force behind these alcohol fueled Four Loko drinks is Phusion Projects of Chicago. This company is also responsible for Four MaXed and Earthquake. Over recent months, this drink has become a center of controversy. The name, Four Loko, comes from the drink s four ingredients: alcohol, caffeine, taurine and guarane. Parents have been concerned that Four Loko s target market is college students, by using colorful and creative labeling. Moncler Shirts For Men Europe was one of the first continents to sell these drinks in 2008. By 2009, the drinks hit United States at 7 Eleven stores. United States attorneys conducted investigations, concerned that the drinks pose health risks associated with feelings of intoxication. The drink s combination of alcohol and caffeine also posed risks with alcohol abuse. Instead of keeping the individual alert, the caffeine wears off, letting the individual feel the effects of the alcohol. This leads the individual to drink more to feel the sensations of the caffeine. Jacob Sullum, of the Patriot Post, reports about the psychological effects of Four Loko, which Moncler Mokacine Long Down Coat Women Brown has caused individuals around the United States to hallucinate or commit suicide. As of November 2010, states such as Massachusetts, New York, Michigan Fashion Moncler "Bady" Purple Fitted, Puffer With Hood and Washington banned the drink from shelves. Phusion Projects removed guarana and caffeine from the drinks to comply with FDA s requests. However, some believe that banning the Four Loko drink is not enough. The editorial board at the Western Front believes that underage drinking will continue. Instead, parents and educators should teach students about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Moncler Winter 2014

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