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Moncler Women Down Coats Zip Purple Red

Moncler Women Down Coats Zip Purple Red

Paris Traveller Reviews Its chanel! Whats not to love? It is what you would expect. Beautiful store, clothes, bags, and shoes. The staff is friendly always saying hello. But no one asking if we needes help. I am not sure if this is because of our age (we both look beey young and maybe they assumed we werent going to buy anything) or if because of how busy it is. But once we had a sales person to work with and she knew we were making a purchase, she was very very kind. We also were served tea or cappucino while we waited for her to bring us things to look at. Prices were slightly better then at home (in the US) and we will be able to get our tax back. So over all, i am very very happy! :) A little bit of side history. The store faces the back entrance to the ritz where diana got into her car on that very sad day :/ Even though I was going into Chanel with the possibility of buying, I was still very intimidated. I had no reason to worry. The store was very Moncler Winter Jackets Women welcoming and the sales help very eager and friendly. This was before I began asking about specific items. When showing us various bags, the staff was very knowledgeable as well. If you are a Chanel fan and want to see where it all began regardless of whether you intend to buy go!One thing to note. Another poster wrote that prices are 30% cheaper in the US. This is flat out incorrect. A saavy shopper knows that designer products are almost always cheaper in the home country. Shoes that Moncler Men Jackets Chevalier Hooded With Zip Deep Blue had my eye on in the US were $100 cheaper in the Chanel store in Paris. Factor in the VAT refund and the sales tax you d have to pay in the US and that savings is well over $200. Factoring in the VAT refund and sales tax, Moncler Womens Jackets Down Bady Collar Hooded Dark Grey the Chanel bag I wanted was about $1000 cheaper in Paris. Stick to the US for buying those items. I know I might be exaggerating but this place is a piece of history, especially for a big CHANEL fans like moi! :)We went straight there on Easter Monday before noon. Few staffs were just standing and talking like we didn t exist :( Up until this one awesome SA her name is Cecilia, she came out of nowhere and greeted me and started helping me. I picked few stuffs that I really adored and she took the information from your passport that way you can get your refund back at the airport!! I know there are few other Chanel boutique in paris, but I suggest you go to this one, the only Chanel Boutique that gives out white shopping bags with their address on it (others just standard black white bag). Overall experience absolutely wonderful, and we re glad that we did not get caught in the crowd which is very typically happen especially in this store (according to the SA).

Moncler Women Down Coats Zip Purple Red

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