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Moncler Womens Coats Outlet

Moncler Womens Coats Outlet

Thaw Fashion Show Review Last night, beneath the white tented ceiling of the Pacific Industrial Center, the 3rd Annual Thaw Fashion Show was held. The primarily volunteer ran event benefited the Huntington s Disease Society of America (HDSA), with all of the night s proceeds going to help fund research and social services. The first two hours were designed for cocktailing and networking. Via Tribunali and Orient Express supplied tasty snacks, while bars were established at various places throughout the large open room. No matter how attractive the various makeup, nail salon and accessory vendors were, what attracted the most attention was the photo booth, which allowed guest to take their own photos while projecting the images on a large white screen. After much waiting (the show started an hour and 5 minutes late), guest were invited to take their seats along side of the runway. Before the runway show, we were given a sneak peak at a documentary on Hunting Disease, followed by a short auction which raised $13,300 dollars for the cause. And finally, the show began First up were the Seamless in Seattle winners, followed in order by Wyatt Orr, Karly Orr, Liise Wyatt, Jill Lindsey, Liza Rietz, Adam Arnold, Kate Towers, Holly Stalder and Michael Cepress. A lot of the designers showed cute cocktail and party dresses. Below are more specific details from each designer. Wyatt Orr and Karly Orr both sent neutral colored, leather lined coats and dress down the runway. Liise Wyatt showed skirts and dresses with mini apron flaps attached to the front. In addition, the collection Monlcer Coats Men Mid-Length Doudoune Light Black embraced the recent asymmetrical trends with black, one sided long sleeve knit tops. Jill Lindsey s garments seemed to center around plunging necklines. A collared suit dress and black ruffled collared dress had necklines plunging toward the models belly buttons. Liza Rietz lacked a coherent direction; however, her first garment was a stellar dark navy dress. The dress was loose on top with wide sleeves, and then grew fitted at the waist with a narrow a line bottom. An added note, Liza had the best music choice, Stevie Wonder in Spanish. Adam Arnold showed some certainly Moncler Down Men Hooded Color Bar Blue Jackets sellable pieces. All of his items were well constructed, and he was one of the only designers to show women s pants. His collection focused on prints and patterns. A stand out piece was the sweet yellow, red and blue printed dress, which when in motion looked similar to poppy flowers. Moncler Down Jackets Men With Hood Zip Shallow Cream Kate Towers had a natural esque collection. Various long, skinny strapped dresses in earth tone colors had tattered seams and bunched ruffles. Holly Stalder was a bit overdone. All of her garments had far too much going on. Ruffles, side slits, puffed sleeves, you name it and it was on every garment. Perhaps the two things that stood out to me the most were the following: the white bra strap that was popping out beneath a black dress and the Fuchsia dress with the mini grey cape. I recommend losing the bra and the cape. Michael Cepress closed out the show with a 1950s beach inspired menswear collection. The barefoot models walked in pastel colored cropped pants and shorts, with James Dean styled hair.

Moncler Womens Coats Outlet

The 8 Best Fashion Trends of the Past 80 Years Poodle skirts. Shoulder pads. Hammer pants. Fashion trends come and go, and it tough to keep up with what hot and what not. We had a love hate relationship with pointy toed shoes since Marie Antoinette day, and judging by all the 1950s frocks on the runway, it safe to say that the Mad Men style is back for another round. But for how long? Some styles though, like a good DVF wrap dress, never go out of fashion. They pushed through wars, recessions Moncler Men Down Jackets Hat Purplish Red and unfortunate fashion eras (grunge, anyone?) and proved they got what it takes to last a lifetime. 1920s The Chanel SuitOn August 5, 1923, Chanel gathered a small group of journalists in Paris for the showing of her new line, which included the first ever appearance of the Chanel suit. The boxy tweed separates were hailed as the uniform for afternoon and evening and, beloved by everyone from Jacqueline Kennedy to Penelope Cruz, have truly withstood the test of time. 1930s The Little Black DressIn 1926, Coco Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in American Vogue. Women didn immediately love it had previously been reserved for clergy or people in mourning it took a few years to catch on. But women quickly fell for its simplicity, versatility and affordability. 1940s MenswearWomen wear pants all the time now, but in the 1940s Katharine Hepburn took a big risk when she stepped out in masculine trousers and shirts. Luckily for her, she looked better in them than the men and proved it was possible to look glamorous and be comfortable at the same time. 1950s The Pencil SkirtFitted, curvaceous Moncler Women Down Coats Zip Leading Wind Black and thigh slimming, pencil skirts give us one more reason to adore Dior. The French designer introduced the classic modern pencil skirt to the world and women everywhere fell in love with its unique ability to simultaneously exude desirability and class. Throw Moncler Men Pink Black Short Sleeves T-Shirt on a pair of sexy back seamed tights and you good to go! 1960s The MiniMiniskirts were born out of the London scene of the 1960s, when British designer Mary Quant raised hemlines eyebrows her shorter than ever designs. And even though midi and maxi skirts were all the rage a decade later, miniskirts never went out style. 1970s Platform ShoesPlatform shoes have been around since the 1940s, but their popularity didn skyrocket until the 1970s, when even men soles soared to disco ready heights. Modern styles have lost the clunkiness, but kept the leg slimming, vertigo inducing height that made us love them in the first place. 1980s Sexy JeansIn 1980, a then 14 year old Brooke Shields uttered the lines that would change the fashion world forever: want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing. The ad, while tame by today standards, caused quite a stir in 1980. It also catapulted Calvin Klein career to super designer status and transformed denim from sporty weekend wear to a glam wardrobe staple.

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