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Seriously Freaking People Out There s a funny thing about me when it comes to movies: I love suspense, but I hate gore. A movie can scare the living daylights out of me, but if I see so much as a flash of red across the screen, I m outta there. This little oddity cuts across all genres: Back in the day, my family used to watch "ER" en masse basically take bets on when I d go flying from the room. I usually didn t last past the first commercial break. I would try to hang in there, but something would come bursting out of someone and that would be it. I ve gotten better since then, but that isn t saying much: I adored "Sin City," but I watched most of it through my fingers and that s in black and white! There are some exceptions to this rule, though: "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" is one of my favorite films ever just fast forward to the "House of Blue Leaves" chapter and I m a happy camper and I could watch the opening scene to "Natural Born Killers" all day. Until the bullets start flying, of course. All that said, I m afraid that the upcoming film "127 Hours" may have a regressive effect on me. Although I know all about the events that inspired it, I have yet to watch the trailer because I know all about the events that inspired it. The film stars James Franco as rock climber Aron Ralston, who found himself pinned to a canyon wall for five days in 2003 when a boulder came down on his arm, and resorted to desperate measures to save his own life. The story combines several of Moncler Mens Classic T-Shirt With Dark Green my worst fears heights, immobility, extreme pain, sharp objects but it s those last two that leave me whimpering in the fetal position at the mere thought of watching the trailer. Oh, and the blood that would certainly come from sawing your own arm off. I feel faint already. I won t go into too much detail here, but the tally so far: at least 13 fainting spells, three seizures, a panic attack and untold bursts of vomit. Ewwwww. What s the last movie that truly freaked you out? Many people have pointed to "The Exorcist" as the last movie Moncler Kids Jackets Vosges Baby Buttons Hooded Deep Red to produce this level of heebie jeebies, but I m sure everyone has that one film, show or scene that they just simply won t watch again. Ever. I don t have that many (for some reason, the Oliver Stone film "U Turn" tops my list), but I will point you to part Moncler Christmas Down Jackets Red of the last scene that had that effect on me. Eeek. I m going to go watch this trailer now, and you can do the same below. But if you hear a thump that s my head hitting the floor. Need more FanStuff? You can find us on Twitter and Facebook! BrainStuff Thank You and Best Wishes to Marshall Brain Contest Design a $300 house and win $25,000 How the Philtrum works the place under your nose where your face comes together The Coolest Stuff on the Planet A Musician s Guide to Nashville Robben Island RevisitedKeep Asking Why can a 5 foot 8 inch man dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim while some people of taller stature can t?

Real Moncler

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