10 Best Feather Pen Sets

After hours of researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best Feather Pen Sets of 2022. Check our ranking below.

VANGOAL Feather Pen and Ink Set, Glittering Quill Pen Set Antique Calligraphy Dip Pen with Ink, 2 Replacement Nibs, Pen Stand Base, Luxury Vintage Signature Pen (Green)
  • Regain The Joy of Writing - The use of mobile and keyboard make you away from writing with pen for a long time. Now perhaps you want to write something with a unique and funny pen helping you get back the joy and inspiration. This retro carving quill pen is sure to 100% satisfy you.
  • Exquisite Detail - The feather on each pen is natural and is carefully selected by the craftsman of VANGOAL and made in special techniques. It is decorated with shiny gold power, making the pen look very beautiful viewing from every sight.
  • Designed for Daily Use - The barrel and nib are in durable metal, the X-shaped ink storage design allows you to write 30-60 words with one ink dipping. This calligraphy pen set also comes with 2 replaceable nibs, easy to clean and long-term use.
  • Also an Artwork - The gorgeous shield-shaped pen holder provides a stable support and makes the antique quill pen an exquisite decorative artwork, presenting an elegant taste wherever it is, on the desks of your home and your office, on the coffee table or any conspicuous place.
  • Ideal Gift - The package set is designed simply and beautifully. It is very suitable for signing, drawing, writing or as a decent and meaningful gift for your families, friends, kids in Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, etc.
SaleRANK NO. 2
Facwxiao Quill Pen,Quill Pen and Ink Set,Feather Pen Set, Calligraphy Set,Christmas Gift for Handwriting Lovers Birthday Gift(Bule)
  • 【QUILL PEN SET】Quill pen set includes: feather pen, ink ,bookmark ,seal stamp, 5 stainless steel pen nib in different sizes, wax bead, pen nib base, white wax, spoon,envelopes and writing paper, exquisite premium gift box.
  • 【EXQUISITE FEATHER PEN】The quill pen is made of soft natural high grade feather, each feather is unique.High quality carved pen head, providing superior control and stability delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow.Unique and beautiful mechanical gear type design, whether in the desk, coffee table, computer desk, is a beautiful scenery line.
  • 【Exquisite accessories】The wax seal is made of high quality brass with a jeweled top, perfect for decorating envelopes and gift boxes.The spoon and nib base are also inlaid with gems.Designed in the style of mechanical gears and wings, they are not only a set of writing tools, but also a work of art.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】The Quill Set is designed in a unique vintage style and comes with a delicate black and gold gift box.A decent high-grade and meaningful gift, this quill and ink set perfect gift for beginners, students and advanced calligraphers.Give it to family or friends on Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. They will love its delicate and special design.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION】If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product or contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours.
Vintage Pheasant Quill Pen Ink Set,Feather Dip Pen Set with Classic Spiral Bound Leather Notebook,Beginners Glass Dip Pen Wood Calligraphy Pen Craft Decoration Pen,Best Gift Kit for Writing,Drawing
  • 【Complete Feather Pen Set】Includes 3 dip pens, leather notebook, 17nibs,1 bottle of wax-sealing beads (about 50) tea wax anti-scalding spoon stamps and craft decoration pens, glass cup, 6*ink, pen holder, letter paper envelope and opening tools.Feathers on each feather pen are natural, special technology manufactures. The Antique wooden calligraphy pen and glass dip pen are made of high-quality material, and since the pen is manually manufactured, each pen is unique.You will like it!
  • 【17 Nib】Including test salad strip of a 4mm gold parallel nib. 5 special double rounded decorative nibs, perfect for creating serif letters without thick or thin lines.5 flat nibs, suitable for writing Gothic. 6 flexible pointed, suitable for writing round fonts, swash. Replace nibs only need to pull out the old nib and insert the new nib. All nibs are compatible with each other, writing smoothly and easy to clean. Beginners try different nibs to find the best nib for writing or drawing.
  • 【Quill Pen Ink Set】 Keyboard typing is the norm, the opportunity to write with a pen becomes priceless. Through the real friction of these unique pheasant quill pens and 2 dip pens with paper, you can bring you a different writing experience, and you can awaken the long-lost writing pleasure in your memory. It is also equipped with 6 bottles of different colors of ink, which are bright in color and will not fade for a long time. The set is a decent and meaningful gift for family and children.
  • 【DIY Wax Seal Kit】Octagonal sealing wax beads include green, red and yellow. The cut shape is neat and beautiful, which is convenient for all purposes for different purposes. You can DIY mix different colors to get interesting seal appearance, and add special wax seal to your specific seal products, suitable for making invitations, letters, manuscripts, maps, gift seals, wine seals, and other craft projects. You can also use craft decoration pens to describe the pattern to make it more unique.
  • 【Leather notebooks and after-sales】Classic spiral-bound leather notebooks are made of high-quality PU leather, soft to the touch, durable, suitable for travel or outdoor adventures. The insert is kraft paper, which can record the past and occurrence of life. Both the cover and the insert will give you a permanent memory. If you have any questions about our feather pen and ink set, please feel free to leave us a message. If you are not satisfied, we will refund or replace your quill pen set.
AIYNC Feather Calligraphy Pen Ink Set, Includes Quill Pen and Wooden Dip Pen, Ink,17 Replacement Nib, Pen Base, 3 Wax Seal Sticks, Stamp, White Wax, Spoon, Envelope Letter Paper, Envelope Tool(Green)
  • 【Feather Pen Ink Set Includes】: 1 green quill pen, 1 wooden dip pen, 1 bottle of 15ml ink (with ink), 17 stainless steel pen nib in different sizes, 1 2 in 1 pen holder, 3 different colors fire paint wax , 1X White Candle, 1 melting wax spoon, 1 "Tree of Life" stamp, 1 Envelopes, 1letter paper, 1 open envelope tool, 1exquisite vintage globe box packaging box.
  • 【Excellent Feather Pen】:quill Pen dip pens are made of natural feathers. Feather have different shapes and sizes. After silk production, dyeing and degreasing treatment, it is sprinkled with golden powder to maintain the permanent silk luster. Our feather dip pens provide superior control and stability delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow. with ink attached. With 17 pen tips of different sizes, you can write characters of different sizes.
  • 【Wax Seal Stamp Kit】: Our wax seal stamp is made of high-quality brass head and metal dragon handle, and bears the "Tree of Life" logo on the stamp. It creates intricate details and leaves a clean and beautiful imprint.the brass head with stamp are detachable and can be used with any stamp pattern. It can avoid opening important documents, while private information can be decorated, embellished, invitations, envelopes, postcards, gift stamps.
  • 【Best Gift Choice】: Feather pen and ink set is a very popular luxury gift, suitable for a variety of festivals as gifts, such as birthday, Father's Day, Children's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, etc.it is loved by many Can be given to your family, relatives, children or friends, neighbors, parents.it will be a meaningful gift.
  • 【100% Satisfied Service】: If you have any questions about our quill pen ink set, please feel free to contact us, our after-sales service will help you within 24 hours and solve your questions. If the product is damaged in any way can be replaced or refunded within 90 days.
SaleRANK NO. 5
SCHOWE Antique Two-Color Feather Pen Quill Pen Dip Pen With Envelope Writing Paper Calligraphy Pen and Ink Set(pheasant)
  • 𝓐Design and processing: Although the name is called a quill pen, it is made of precious pheasant feathers with ancient handwork. The feathers of our pens are collected from nature around the world, not directly from bird bodies. You take The feathers on the products and photos may not be exactly the same, this is because every feather in nature is not the same. We have undergone strict steam cleaning to ensure that it is healthy.
  • 𝓑Writing pleasure: Our feather dipped pens provide excellent control and stability, providing smoothness and easy ink flow. The long and balanced pen body provides a comfortable writing experience, of course you will feel when using it How the ancients used it to write the Bible.
  • 𝓒Set details: My dip pen provides 5 additional nibs (from thick to thin), which can be used to write words of different sizes, (very helpful for writing Gothic style) and is made of iridium alloy The stainless steel nib can prevent abrasion. The pen holder and pen holder are hand-made from aluminum foil metal and carved with exquisite ornate relief patterns. The outer packaging is processed with hard paper and environmentally friendly. Vintage envelopes and letter paper .
  • 𝓓The perfect gift: You will find excellent packaging, exquisite design, antique style. It symbolizes knowledge. This is a decent upscale and meaningful gift, perfect for Harry Potter fans. This quill pen set is a very popular high-end gift, meaning you will be loved by friends and family! Imagine its uniqueness and particularity !!
  • 𝓔Maintenance: If you like this antique pen, please take your calligraphy pen seriously, its feathers are extremely fragile,Please don't touch the feathers, it will make the feathers bifurcate. Please clean the ink inside the pen as much as possible after writing. If you encounter any difficulties during use, please contact us immediately so that you can write comfortably.
NOPOINO Retro Quill Pen Ink Set, Pheasant Feather Pen Calligraphy Pen, with Nib, Pen Holder, Envelope Letter Paper, Envelope Opening Tool, Wick Wax Stick Dip Pen Set, Suitable for Calligraphy Lovers
  • 【Perfect matching】Complete accessories, let you enjoy the fun of practicing calligraphy! This elegant set includes 1 feather pen, 1 bottle of non-toxic 18ml black ink, 1 gold pen holder, 1 gold envelope opening tool, 1 envelope (including letter paper), 1 gold candle and 5 replaceable nibs , They are all packed in an elegant red gift box, easy to use when writing, and easy to store after use. For beginners and experienced calligraphers, this will be a meaningful gift set.
  • 【Feather pen and ink set】The retro pheasant quill pen is elegant, let you have a different writing pleasure, and record your life. You can convey your emotions through letters, lighting the wick wax stick and letting the wax drop on the seal of the letter. You can view the letter only when the wax print is broken, which ensures the integrity of the letter. When you need to view the letter, you can use the envelope opening tool to open it.
  • 【Exquisite and durable】Feather pen has excellent control and stability, can provide smooth and smooth ink effects, long and balanced pen body provides a comfortable writing experience, and has 6 types of nibs, suitable for writing words of different sizes. Perfect for practicing, signing documents, etc. The advanced blend of stainless steel and iridium alloy prevents rust and wear and ensures the durability of the spindle. Design the pen holder to prevent the feather pen from falling.
  • 【Best Gift】Exquisite design, retro style. The perfect quill pen set, suitable for calligraphy lovers of all ages, it symbolizes knowledge. The exquisite and elegant gift box is especially suitable for your friends, family, lovers and teachers to provide elegant, high-end and unique perfect gifts.
  • 【100% SATINSFACTION GUARANTEE】If you have the slightest problem with our quill pen set, please feel free to give us a message. If you are not satisfied, and we'll refund or replace your quill pen set. We go out of our way to make sure every customer satisfied with our product and service.
Quill Pen Pheasant Feather Pen And Ink Set Feather Pen With 10 Replacement Nibs and Ink Antique Calligraphy Pen Set Quill Dip Pen Retro Calligraphy Gift(Pheasant)
  • 🌟﹏ENJOY YOUR WRITING - How long do you didn't write? YICMY Quill Pen Calligraphy Set takes you back to the fun of writing and helps you find inspiration. The set contains 1 * feather dip pen 1 wooden pen,10 replacement nib,1 ink,1 pen holder,1 wax printing stick,1 retro box.
  • 🌟﹏UNIQUE FEATHERS - Each quill is carefully selected and collected by us in nature, so every quill you receive is different and each is precious. We will strictly process the collected feathers To ensure that you can use it with confidence.
  • 🌟﹏IDEAL SET - We offer an additional ten replacement nibs for our quill pen. They are suitable for both quills and wooden pens. The high-quality calligraphy nib is designed for comfortable writing, ensuring that your writing is smooth and providing you with a pleasant writing experience.The pen nib is made according to alloy, which can be used for different styles of calligraphy, providing you with perfect calligraphy nib. Enjoy the joy of writing!
  • 🌟﹏SURPRISE GIFT - Quill set with exquisite map packaging, the perfect presentation of quill retro style. It is suitable for giving on various occasions and festivals. This quill set will be very popular with your friends and family. Students, beginners and calligraphers alike will love this quill set!
  • 🌟﹏100% SATISFACTION - YICMY Feather Pen Calligraphy Set meets all your writing needs.We sincerely hope that you can have a perfect set of quill pen set. If the quill pen set you received is damaged during transportation or you are not satisfied with it for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will Give you a satisfactory solution.
R1hwuu 6pcs Anime Notebook Cosplay Death Ruled Journal Accessories Set of Anime Notebook with Feather Pen L-Shaped Pendant Chain Necklaces Keychain Earrings for Teens Dress Up Lovers
  • Package Detail: Our notebook cosplay set contains 1pcs anime notebook with a feather pen, 1pcs keychain, 2pcs necklaces, and 1pcs earrings.
  • Material: The PVC leather cover makes the notebook sturdy which is more durable and it can protect the page inside. The necklaces and earrings are made of alloy, they are strong enough and not easy to break.
  • Well Design: The notebook has 148 pages in total. The necklaces design with 1 L-shaped and 1 chain, the earrings design with heart-shaped, and the keychain come with L-shaped.
  • Wide Application: The notebook is suitable for business, journal, students, and it can be used to take notes in your daily life.
  • Ideal Gift: Our notebook cosplay set is a cool gift for notebook anime fans, family, friends. It’s suitable for anime cosplay parties, birthday parties, Halloween parties, and so on.
SaleRANK NO. 9
NC Quill Pen Ink Set, Feather Pen Ink Set Contains Quill Pen, Ink, 2-in-1 Pen Holder, 5 Replaceable Metal Nibs,Calligraphy Pen Set forWriting, Writing Letters,Diary,Signing, Gift Etc (Red)
  • ❤【Feather Pen and Ink Set】feather pen, black ink, 5 replaceable stainless steel metal nibs, pen holder (can hold ink and feather pen), black high-end packaging box.
  • ❤【Exquisite Detail Feathers】 Each feather is made of natural feathers, made of silk, dyed and degreased to maintain a permanent silk luster. The high-quality nib provides excellent control and stability, and is equipped with easy-to-use non-toxic ink. Use it to practice vocabulary, write letters, greeting cards, documents, etc. .
  • ❤【Artwork Calligraphy Set】The gorgeous shield-shaped pen holder provides stable support, can hold ink and quill pens, making antique quill pens into exquisite decorative works of art, whether it is placed on the home desk, coffee table, computer desk, office desk, coffee table Above or any conspicuous place is a beautiful landscape.
  • ❤【The Ideal Gift】the design of the set is simple and beautiful. Quill pen and ink set are very suitable for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, birthday, etc. as gifts, can sign, write, write letters, write diary or as a decent and meaningful artistic gift to family, friends, children, etc.
  • ❤【After Sales Service】100% customer satisfaction guarantee-If quill pen ink set have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our after-sales service will provide you with service and help 24 hours. The faulty product can be replaced or refunded within 90 days.
Feather Quill Pen Set Dip pen with ink and 6pcs Stainless Steel Nibs Calligraphy Pen for beginners in Gift Box HO-Q-300
  • 100% HAND CRAFTED: Pen Set is produced in our manufacturing facility working in partnership with some of the finest pen and ink making families, pioneering new writing tools and state-of-the-art technologies, all of our pens are hand crafted, Six different nibs, can be used to write different size words
  • THE BEST GIFT FOR EVERYONE: The feather pen is really easy to use and write beautifully. It will be a wonderful gift for writers of all ages. Every quill is made by fabulous beauty of arts and efforts. May it bring you enjoyment at its largest extent
  • BOTTLE INK/NIBS: hhhouu calligraphy dip pen set comes in an elegant case complete with a comprehensive range of nib sizes and ink colors for use on all media. writing instruments are individually made by hand with luxury birch wood, Our Dip pens fell smooth, and the The color pattern looks very high gradetainless steel nibs tipped with iridium alloy to protect from wear, fashioned by skilled pen makers who can take up to 10 years to master their craft.
  • QUILL FEATHER PEN: Mix of stainless steel and iridium alloy to prevent rust and ensure durability. Elegant in appearance, loyal to the spirit of ancient European in making pens
  • RETURN AND MONEY BACK: Package Includes:1* feather pen; 1* ink bottle with ink ,6* nibs . We ensure 100% Satisfaction.Your order can be refunded or replaced if you are not satisfied with the item anytime

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